26 Men

26 Men Cast

Series Description

26 Men was a western action series (syndicated) about the lives and adventures of the Arizona rangers in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

26 Men Cast

Tristram Coffin .... Captain Tom Rynning
Kelo Henderson .... Ranger Clint Travis

Theme Song

Title: "26 Men"

By: "Russell Hayden"

Saddle up, saddle up, saddle up.

This is the story of 26 Men.
Who rode the Arizona Territory.
High is the glory of 26 Men,
Whose parish helped to fill the Territory.

26 Men who saddled up and then
Rode out to answer duty's call.
26 Men who lived to ride again
And fight for the rights and the liberty of all.

This is the story of 26 Men
Enforcing law within the Territory.
Praise be the Glory of 26 Men
Who rode the Arizona Territory.

Ride on. Ride on. Ride on.

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