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24Seven TV Series

24Seven Cast

Series Description

24Seven was a British drama series on CITV (children's ITV) about the lives of a large group of teenagers. The emphasis was on relationships, both friendly and romantic in a young teen sense of the word. While 24Seven was a drama, the storylines tended to be on the fun side and not overtly heart-renching like many similar series.

24Seven Cast

Fiona Wade ................. Anya Vicenze
Royce Cronin ............... Chris Silverstone
Hayley Newton .............. Tallulah "Tally" Hunter
Pippa Nixon ................ Jax Duffy
Sadie Pickering ............ Bethan Davis
Jack Lloyd-Davies .......... Vincent "Staggsy" Staggs
Augustus Prew .............. Drew Jessup
Neil Henry ................. Heinz Otto "Beans" Van Damme
Jordan Frieda .............. Miles Silverstone (2001)

24Seven Trivia


When 24Seven aired in the U.S., a space was added to the title, making it a more eye-pleasing, "24 Seven".

There were two versions of the 24Seven TV show's theme song. One for the original British version and another for the U.S. version.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

24Seven Season 1

  1. The Welcome Dance (11/19/2001)
  2. Perfect Parents (11/20/2001)
  3. It's My Life (11/21/2001)
  4. Guilty (11/22/2001)
  5. The Exeat (11/23/2001)
  6. The Birthday (11/26/2001)
  7. A Testing Time (11/27/2001)
  8. The Show Must Go On (11/28/2001)
  9. Keeping Mum (11/29/2001)
  10. The Sit In (11/30/2001)
  11. Risky Business (12/3/2001)
  12. Love and War (12/4/2001)
  13. The Prize (12/5/2001)

24Seven Season 2

  1. Love Hurts (9/4/2002)
  2. Home Truths (9/11/2002)
  3. Stupid Cupid (9/18/2002)
  4. Swing Kids (9/25/2002)
  5. Secrets & Lies (10/2/2002)
  6. Suspicion (10/9/2002)
  7. True Lies (10/16/2002)
  8. The Usual Suspects (10/23/2002)
  9. Crime & Punishment (10/30/2002)
  10. To Your Own Self Be True (11/6/2002)
  11. Days Of Our Lives (11/13/2002)
  12. Bad Behaviour (11/20/2002)
  13. Present Tense (11/27/2002)

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