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21 Beacon Street

21 Beacon Street Cast
Series Description

The 21 Beacon Street TV show was a 30 minute detective drama series on NBC about a private investigator who tackled the toughest cases that the police department hadn't been able to solve using the most up-to-date technologies and gadgets. He got help from a law student, a master of disguise, and from his secretary.

21 Beacon Street Cast

Dennis Morgan ................. Dennis Chase
Joanna Barnes ................. Lola
Brian Kelly ................... Brian
James Maloney ................. Jim

21 Beacon Street Trivia

21 Beacon Street was a summer replacement series for The Ford Show on NBC during the summer of 1959.

The series obviously took place in a large city but the city's name was never mentioned!

21 Beacon Street was the address of detective Dennis Chase's office.

Dennis Chase was different from most TV detectives. He simply determined who the bad guy was and then sent the cops out to pick him up. He never actually pursued a criminal himself.

In a rare move, every episode of 21 Beacon Street was rerun on ABC in the second half of the 1959/1960 season!

Due to its use of 1950s "high tech" gadgetry and an expert in disguise, 21 Beacon Street is often referred to as a forerunner of the series, "Mission Impossible".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Rub Out (7/2/1959)
  2. Safety Deposit (7/9/1959)
  3. The Payoff (7/16/1959)
  4. Double Vision (7/23/1959)
  5. The Swindle (7/30/1959)
  6. The Execution (8/6/1959)
  7. The Break-In (8/13/1959)
  8. The Trojan Horse (8/20/1959)
  9. The Hostage (8/27/1959)
  10. The Trap (9/3/1959)

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