The 20th Century Fox Hour

The 20th Century Fox Hour cast
Teresa Wright and Candace Lee from
episode #19, "Child of the Regiment"

Series Description

The 20th Century Fox Hour TV show was a 60 minute anthology drama series on CBS that featured shortened versions of popular 20th Century Fox movies. Unlike many similar series of the 1950s, the actors that appeared in the full-length theatrical versions did not generally appear on this TV show (with a few exceptions).

20th Century Fox Hour Cast

Joseph Cotten .... Host (1955-1956)
Robert Sterling .... Host (1956-1957)

20th Century Fox Hour Trivia

The 20th Century Fox Hour TV show aired every other week, sharing its time slot with "The U.S. Steel Hour".

The 20th Century Fox Hour had some pretty good competition for viewers in its time slot. During the first season, ABC was running the "Wednesday Night Fights". NBC was airing the super popular series, "This is Your Life" and "Midwestern Hay Ride". For the second season, NBC replaced Midwestern Hay Ride with another extremely popular game show, "Twenty One".

While they had a much smaller production budget than the theatrical movies, the 20th Century Fox Hour TV show episodes were also produced in Hollywood at the 20th Century Fox studios.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1
  1. Cavalcade (10/5/1955)
  2. Laura (10/19/1955)
  3. The Ox-Bow Incident (11/2/1955)
  4. The Late George Apley (11/16/1955)
  5. Christopher Bean (11/30/1955)
  6. The Miracle on 34th Street (12/14/1955)
  7. Man on the Ledge (12/28/1955)
  8. Yacht on the High Sea (1/11/1956)
  9. One Life (1/25/1956)
  10. Crack-Up (2/8/1956)
  11. In Times Like These (2/22/1956)
  12. Deception (3/7/1956)
  13. Gun in His Hand (4/4/1956)
  14. Mr. Belvedere (4/18/1956)
  15. Broken Arrow (5/1/1956)
  16. Overnight Haul (5/16/1956)
  17. The Empty Room (5/30/1956)
  18. The Hefferan Family (6/13/1956)
Season 2
  1. Child of the Regiment (10/3/1956)
  2. Stranger in the Night (10/17/1956)
  3. The Moneymaker (10/31/1956)
  4. Smoke Jumpers (11/14/1956)
  5. The Last Patriarch (11/28/1956)
  6. Men Against Speed (12/12/1956)
  7. Operation Cicero (12/26/1956)
  8. End of a Gun (1/9/1957)
  9. False Witness (1/23/1957)
  10. Springfield Incident (2/6/1957)
  11. Man of the Law (6/2/1957)
  12. City in Flames (3/6/1957)
  13. Deadline Decision (3/20/1957)
  14. The Still Trumpet (4/3/1957)
  15. Men in Her Life (4/17/1957)
  16. Deep Water (5/1/1957)
  17. The Great American Hoax (5/15/1957)
  18. Threat to a Happy Ending (5/29/1957)
  19. The Marriage Broker (6/12/1957)

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